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Monitoring Software Quality Coderskitchen
Flavien Huynh

Software quality monitoring: Real use case

Let’s continue unfolding the story of software quality monitoring on a real project.In the previous post, we saw that the price of setting up a quality assessment process

Explainable AI with saliency maps coderskitchen
Khanlian Chung

Explainable AI: How to implement saliency maps

What is the problem with AI/deep learning algorithms? They don’t like to tell us in a human-understandable way what they are doing! Here comes explainable AI (xAI) to

Improving test efficiency
John Paliotta

Improving test efficiency

Effective software teams are always looking for ways to make their members more efficient. They realize that improving the development process is an good way to improve quality

Recipe for a successful software demo
Ian Dinwoodie

Recipe for a successful software demo

Software demos are an essential part of a balanced and healthy product development cycle. From internally unveiling a new proof-of-concept to collecting feedback from external stakeholders, software demos

Hélène Sardin

How to craft GDPR compliant software

Six leading principles to follow for GDPR compliance. In our former post, we saw that General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a world in itself. To help you

Professional testing. How to test like Google
Jeffrey Fortin

How to test like Google using test automation

In the book How Google Tests Software – Help me test like Google, the authors describe how bugs resulting from incomplete testing are one of the biggest barriers

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