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Grab a coffee and join us for a chat about software quality

Grab a coffee and join us for a chat about software quality, what it is, what influences it and how to achieve it.

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Flavien Huynh

Clone spotting: Find code clones with their DNA

Unidentical twins Code clones can be elusive. First of all, we’re not talking about the dumb copy/paste textual clones, we’re interested in the harder to see algorithmic kind

Hélène Sardin

Hippocratic Oath for developers

The software engineering code of ethics Written in antiquity, the Hippocratic Oath is held sacred by physicians, who continue today to swear that they will uphold its principles

Jeffrey Fortin

How to develop high-quality software

When a physical product is designed for manufacturing, a lot of time is spent on organizing how the item is built and testing the completed product. Manufacturing issues

Flavien Huynh

Anatomy of a source code

To bit or not to bit? Source code is present in pretty much everything we interact with today: phone apps, vehicle GPS, aircraft multimedia or flight controls, technological

faster time-to-market with less silo thinking
John Paliotta

Tear down the silos for faster time-to-market

One of the challenges that all software development groups face is the trade-off between time-to-market and adding new features.  Software is so malleable that it is tempting to

flour on ravioli dough
Flavien Huynh

All code clones are not equal

Like clones from a famous galactic franchise, source code clones can be dangerous if you let them multiply: They carry bugs, which then also multiply. Clones artificially inflate

kitchen open sign
Coders Kitchen Crew

Hey, what’s cooking?

At Vector, we’ve been developing software for 30 years. In an environment where faulty or low quality software can cause critical damage. To continuously deliver on software quality,

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