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Debugging software in virtual environments
Philipp Paul Hallmen

Debugging software in virtual environments

Imagine you are developing the software of a complex cyber-physical system, e.g. laboratory automation system, industrial robot, etc. To manage complexity, you might develop the software in a

Monitoring Software Quality Coderskitchen
Flavien Huynh

Software quality monitoring: Real use case

Let’s continue unfolding the story of software quality monitoring on a real project.In the previous post, we saw that the price of setting up a quality assessment process

Explainable AI with saliency maps coderskitchen
Khanlian Chung

Explainable AI: How to implement saliency maps

What is the problem with AI/deep learning algorithms? They don’t like to tell us in a human-understandable way what they are doing! Here comes explainable AI (xAI) to

Martin Heininger

Testing AI-based systems

AI-based systems are becoming popular. However, the broad acceptance of such systems is still quite low in our society. Trust in and acceptance of AI-based systems will significantly

System testing in virtual environments
Marcus Eggenberger

System testing in virtual environments

When it comes to system level testing, virtual environments offer several strong benefits for you. In this blog post, I want to highlight some of the most important

chart.js quality check v3.5.0coderskitchen
Flavien Huynh

Software quality analysis: Chart.js version 3.5.0

What is it? Chart.js is part of the Front End development family.This popular JavaScript library makes data visualization work much easier and has been evolving since 2013. With

DO-178C and OWASP in avionics app testing
Óscar Lugo Ruíz

DO-178C and OWASP in avionics app testing

My post series is explaining what tests should be applied to an avionics app – in my example to simulate the Instrument Landing System (ILS). What is necessary

Flavien Huynh

Measuring and monitoring technical debt

The technical debt concept has been around for some time now. We can find it in international conferences, in scientific articles, books, and even here at Coders Kitchen.

Flavien Huynh

Software quality analysis: Laravel version 8.16.0

What is it? Laravel is part of the Web Framework family.Its official website describes it as “a web application framework with an expressive, elegant syntax. We believe development

Improving test efficiency
John Paliotta

Improving test efficiency

Effective software teams are always looking for ways to make their members more efficient. They realize that improving the development process is an good way to improve quality

Recipe for a successful software demo
Ian Dinwoodie

Recipe for a successful software demo

Software demos are an essential part of a balanced and healthy product development cycle. From internally unveiling a new proof-of-concept to collecting feedback from external stakeholders, software demos

Fuzzing attack with hammer CK
Jochen Kreissl

Fuzz target – Attack of the Fuzzers

There is unrest in the testing community. Several thousand fuzz test values have declared their intentions to attack the fuzz target software. But how do we get the

Keras Quality Check V2.4.0
Flavien Huynh

Software quality analysis: Keras version 2.4.0

What is it? Keras is part of the Artificial Intelligence family. Its official website describes it as “an API designed for human beings, not machines. Keras follows best

Debugging without Security risks
Niroshan Rajadurai

Debugging without security risks

Security researcher Michael Myng found the keylogging code in software drivers that were preinstalled on HP laptops to make the keyboard work. He discovered the keylogger code during

Software Quality - are you talking to me?
Flavien Huynh

Software quality for the team: You talkin’ to me?

Software quality monitoring has many dimensions: the quality of data produce a deep landscape to explore, and passing time gives it additional meaning. But there’s something missing in

Quantifying the cost of fixing bugs
Lynda Gaines

Cost of fixing vs. preventing bugs

When you think about improving software quality, your initial thoughts might be the cost of investing in new tools and engineering labor to implement them. You may also

Leftover debug code with security issues in Coderskitchen
Niroshan Rajadurai

Can debug code cause security vulnerabilities?

As software continues to eat the world, failures caused by bugs have never been more visible or higher profile. These bugs can result in delays in shipping software

Fuzzing Techniques - Value Generation
Jochen Kreissl

Fuzzing techniques – The Generator Menace

Turmoil has engulfed the Coders Kitchen. Right now, we will have our first post about How Fuzz Testing or Fuzzing is establishing itself as the number one technique

Error: Safety security both
Sebastian Krings

A simple error: Safety, security or both?

Aside from safety properties, can we use static analysis tools to detect security issues? Yes, as we will show by discussing a programming error in uftpd, an ftp server

Isolate verify merge_Coderskitchen
Niroshan Rajadurai

Isolate, Verify and Merge

The cost of fixing software is well understood. Much research has been done to demonstrate that fixing defects at the time of introducing them is significantly cheaper than

Visual Testing Coderskitchen
Markus Tragust

Visual testing of a Unity-based 3D world

We provide a 3D animation environment for the development and testing of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous vehicles. Developing and maintaining this environment is a complex

Reasons to adopt code coverage tools
Niroshan Rajadurai

Convincing reasons to adopt code coverage tools

Developers need to be able to analyze the “completeness” of their system testing and ensure applications aren’t released with untested code. Thanks to code coverage tools, developers have

Requirements Process development
Niroshan Rajadurai

Requirements in Agile development processes

The Standish Report tells that in 1994 ninety-one per cent (91%) of software projects failed, with thirty per cent (30%) ultimately cancelled. In 2020, 26 years later, seventy-one

A single source of truth - source code
John Paliotta

A single source of truth

Software projects produce lots of artifacts over time, obviously the source code, but also requirement and design docs, test cases, bug reports, CI scripts, installation scripts, and a

Prevent quality deficit in your software
Niroshan Rajadurai

Prevent “quality deficit” in your software

What’s the software quality deficit gap? It’s the time taken to evolve a product from initial release until perceived as being of good quality. It is variable depending

Safe and secure software factory
Niroshan Rajadurai

The safe & secure software factory

“Companies that embrace the principles of Software Factory (DevOps) experience 60 times fewer failures and can deploy 30 times faster than organisations that don’t follow these principles.” State

Software quality a winning team
Flavien Huynh

Software quality: Winning as a team

We have exposed a nice framework in previous posts: raw data produce metrics and indicators, and a rating model evaluates quality for each project component. This can become

Hélène Sardin

How to craft GDPR compliant software

Six leading principles to follow for GDPR compliance. In our former post, we saw that General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a world in itself. To help you

Software quality rating
Flavien Huynh

Software quality rating model

In our previous post, we discussed objectives, metrics and indicators, as powerful concepts to finely assess multiple aspects of software quality (SQ).Using new concepts to deal with a

Illuminating system integration
Niroshan Rajadurai

Illuminating system integration

System integration no matter the approach; modular, big bang, regressive, controlled or adhoc can often be one of the most critical phases of a project. This is often

Nature of software development - coderskitchen
John Paliotta

The nature of software development

I’ve been writing a lot of code over the last 4-5 months, prototyping some new product ideas. Here are some thoughts that I try to keep in mind

Flavien Huynh

Software quality powers explained

Let’s continue our journey across the software quality (SQ) landscape, as we learned it has the power to improve our code, even ourselves. And it is now time

How to make your developers happy - coderskitchen
John Paliotta

How to make your developers happy

There’s no shortage of articles on how to improve software quality via process improvement. Today I want to look at things from the other side, from the software

Improving code quality
Flavien Huynh

Software quality: To the rescue!

In this post we’ll show what a healthy relationship with code quality looks like. After our introductory post, software quality (‘SQ’ for friends) might seem intimidating, maybe even

Professional testing. How to test like Google
Jeffrey Fortin

How to test like Google using test automation

In the book How Google Tests Software – Help me test like Google, the authors describe how bugs resulting from incomplete testing are one of the biggest barriers

How SpaceX develops software - Coderskitchen
Niroshan Rajadurai

How SpaceX develops software

SpaceX, a pioneer in commercial space transportation, most recently successfully took Astronauts to the space station with their Crew Dragon launch vehicle. SpaceX have essentially gone from a blank sheet of paper and text

Software quality - origin story - Coderskitchen
Flavien Huynh

Software quality: Origin story

Software quality is a vast field, which has been the subject of many studies, standards and tools for a long time (if we think in “Software time”). To

Find code clones with their DNA
Flavien Huynh

Clone spotting: Find code clones with their DNA

Unidentical twins Code clones can be elusive. First of all, we’re not talking about the dumb copy/paste textual clones, we’re interested in the harder to see algorithmic kind

how to develop high-quality software - coderskitchen
Jeffrey Fortin

How to develop high-quality software

What if we take an approach to software development that would significantly improve software quality? As you begin to design a system, think about how to make “manufacturing”

Source Code Analysis Coderskitchen
Flavien Huynh

Anatomy of a source code

To bit or not to bit? Source code is present in pretty much everything we interact with today: phone apps, vehicle GPS, aircraft multimedia or flight controls, technological

Tear down silos for faster time to market - coderskitchen
John Paliotta

Tear down the silos for faster time-to-market

One of the challenges that all software development groups face is the trade-off between time-to-market and adding new features.  Software is so malleable that it is tempting to

All code clones are not equal - coderskitchen
Flavien Huynh

All code clones are not equal

Like clones from a famous galactic franchise, source code clones can be dangerous if you let them multiply: They carry bugs, which then also multiply. Clones artificially inflate

Hey what's cooking in the coders kitchen?
Coders Kitchen Crew

Hey, what’s cooking?

At Vector, we’ve been developing software for 30 years. In an environment where faulty or low quality software can cause critical damage. To continuously deliver on software quality,

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