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Co-simulation of IoT systems
Tobias Jung

Co-simulation for IoT systems

Nowadays, simulation is used during the development and commissioning of automation systems, but with the introduction of the “digital twin”,

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Ute Katranski

Ute Katranski

Ute works as a product manager at Vector. Her focus is on concepts for software testing with responsibility for the product management of CANoe4SW.

Khanlian Chung

Khanlian Chung

Khanlian is an AI software development engineer at Vector. His work is focused on testing and explaining AI decisions.

Stephan Grünfelder

Stephan Grünfelder

Stephan Grünfelder has been a trainer for software testing of embedded systems for more than 15 years and is the mastermind of testing at Riedel Communications Austria.

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Avionics Software Testing

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