Safety and Security

Debugging without Security risks
Niroshan Rajadurai

Debugging without security risks

Security researcher Michael Myng found the keylogging code in software drivers that were preinstalled on HP laptops to make the keyboard work. He discovered the keylogger code during

Leftover debug code with security issues in Coderskitchen
Niroshan Rajadurai

Can debug code cause security vulnerabilities?

As software continues to eat the world, failures caused by bugs have never been more visible or higher profile. These bugs can result in delays in shipping software

Error: Safety security both
Sebastian Krings

A simple error: Safety, security or both?

Aside from safety properties, can we use static analysis tools to detect security issues? Yes, as we will show by discussing a programming error in uftpd, an ftp server

Safe and secure software factory
Niroshan Rajadurai

The safe & secure software factory

“Companies that embrace the principles of Software Factory (DevOps) experience 60 times fewer failures and can deploy 30 times faster than organisations that don’t follow these principles.” State

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