Monitoring software quality: I have a good feeling about this

Monitoring SW Quality

So far, we have explored several aspects of software quality, and listed qualities of a good software quality monitoring solution.

Such an exciting topic is bound to trigger the imagination, and make you think “How would I build a tool doing just that?”
Well, we are excited about this, and we did much more than imagine such a tool to monitor software quality … I have a good feeling about this 😉

A solution to monitor software quality

We already know the prerequisites to efficiently monitor software quality.
“Have wide and focused views, based on actual engineering data, aggregated to rate quality at all levels”

We covered this in previous posts:

As important as these actions are, they can also be very time consuming, and even prone to user error if done manually.
To optimize them, we have developed a solution to handle everything:

  • Get data of several silos and data formats
  • Aggregate them in a unified data network
  • Rate software quality based on proven industry KPIs
  • Finally provide easy to navigate, role-based quality dashboards

All of this is packaged in a single tool from Vector, called “Squore”.

Having a good feeling

One of the main objectives of Squore is to provide all team members a good experience with software quality monitoring.
By removing the tedious part of software quality assessment, users can focus on the analysis and decision making part.

And Squore doesn’t stop at the boring part, and also gives a hand by providing :

  • Project history navigation and trend analysis
  • Project rating down to the smallest component
  • Advanced filters and outlier detection alerts
  • Justification/relaxation mechanisms

And spoiler alert, it looks like this:

Github quality monitoring dashboard
The Squore Dashboard

Experience live software quality monitoring

To showcase Squore features and support our upcoming discussions on how to monitor software quality, we have decided to apply software quality analysis methods on open source projects from GitHub.

We will gradually explain what Squore does, and how to efficiently navigate its results and features.
It can be impressive at first, as new experiences can be.

But it is definitely going to be exciting! All you have to do now, is to click here

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4 thoughts on “Monitoring software quality: I have a good feeling about this”

    • Hello Tracy,

      Thank you for your kind words.
      To know more, this Squore product page will provide all details, and in particular the ‘Application Areas’ and ‘Use Cases’.
      And you can also try it out yourself, using the Squore Trial.

      Wishing you quality days 🙂

  1. Triggered by the vector newsletter I took a look at the online demo of the tool. Looks very promissing. What is your actial business case? You may contact me via email data provided.

    • Hello Marc,

      Thank you for your feedback. I will send you more details by email.

      Stay tuned for more posts, and more projects in Squore Showcase!


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