Online Event: DevOps Concepts for Automotive Industry

As an IT manager, test manager, or test specialist you can learn – based on practical examples in your field of work – how to use professional tests to recognize and correct problems quickly, minimize risks and assure the quality of your electronic components.

Event host: Vector Informatik
Languages: German with simultaneous English translation.


Time9:00 am – 12:45 am CET 
09:00 amWelcome 
09:10 amDevOps in Automotive – How Does It Help Us?
What is DevOps, and why is everybody talking about it? 
Everything as Code 
Distributed development of complex systems 
Continuous everything in Automotive 
Insights to the Vector DevOps solution 
Siegfried Beeh,
Dr. Christian Köllner,
10:00 amVirtual Testing of Basic Technologies 
Scope of virtual testing in the E/E Automotive Development 
Proof of Concept for virtual testing of Basic Technologies 
Validation of the results of virtual tests against real target tests 
Optimization of the test process with the new virtual ECUs test platform 
Outlook further development of virtual testing and cloud integration 
Dr. Ing. Felicia Copaciu,
11:00 amCANoe4SW Server Edition – CLI Tools 
Declaring CANoe4SW SE simulations using YAML 
Compiling simulation artifacts with CANoe Make 
Compiling Test Units with Test Unit Make 
Executing tests with CANoe4SW Server Edition
Dr. Marcus Eggenberger,
12:00 amWrap-up and Outlook 
Vector Tools for DevOps Applications 
CANoe4SW Server Edition 
VectorCAST with TESTinsights 
News and Outlook 
Mark Schwager,

Part 2: Explore new Tech

Time02:00 pm – 04:45 pm CET 
02:00 pmTest Automation With VectorCAST
Unit- and integration tests
Assignment of test cases
Determination of code coverage
Robustness testing
Testing of boundary conditions and beyond
Regression testing
Variant testing
Ingo Nickles,
03:00 pmKey Technologies in a DevOps Testing Environment
Setting up a test pipeline
Integration of 3rd party tools
Connection to Jenkins
Change based testing
Parallel and distributed test execution?
Ingo Nickles,
4:00 pmTESTinsights – SaaS for Collaborative Analysis of Test Result Data
Accumulation of all results of software examination and software test activities from all participants and from all machines
Pre-defined dashboards and Code View for overview and in-depth analysis of results
Usage in CI/CT environments
Change-based Testing as a smart approach to reduce test effort
Friederike Keller,


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