Europe’s leading conference for software quality throughout the software lifecycle. May 23 – 25, 2023 in Munich. There will be 5 tracks of application-oriented experiences and presentations, as well as papers with a high scientific content and degree of innovation.

Event host: Software Quality Experts GmbH
Languages:  German and English
Venue: Holiday Inn Hotel, Munich, Germany
Date: May 23 – 25, 2023 CET

Vector Presentation at the Conference

On May 25, Flavien Huynh will be presenting on the topic

Closing the quality loop down to development

There can be a gap between software quality expectations and development concerns. Translating quality standards into R&D daily work poses several challenges, from the introduction of quality processes and reports, to integrating quality report findings into development activities. We will show how our R&D team has managed to reconcile both worlds by seamlessly integrating quality into the development.


In addition, Vector will have a booth at the conference exhibition where it will present its software testing solutions. We look forward to your visit!

Further information

You can’t join the conference, but want to learn more about software quality solutions from Vector?


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