John Paliotta

John Paliotta
John currently manages an R&D group dedicated to developing new technologies related to software verification and validation. Previously he was the CTO and co-founder of Vector Software, USA, the developers of the VectorCAST family of software test products.
Int code overflow - coderskitchen

Why is everything an int?

In C/C++ applications, most scalar variables are defined as ‘int’.  Do these applications deal with lots of large numbers that

Improving test efficiency

Improving test efficiency

Effective software teams are always looking for ways to make their members more efficient. They realize that improving the development

A single source of truth - source code

A single source of truth

Software projects produce lots of artifacts over time, obviously the source code, but also requirement and design docs, test cases,

How to make your developers happy - coderskitchen

How to make your developers happy

There’s no shortage of articles on how to improve software quality via process improvement. Today I want to look at

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