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Hey there! 👋 You have experience in the field of software quality? And you’d like to contribute to Coders Kitchen?

That’s great! We’d love to have you here. Send us a short email with your contact details, topic and key messages to We’ll check if we’re a match and get back to you as soon as possible.

We’re looking forward to your contribution! 🙌

Here’s a quick guideline for you to see what we’re looking for and how we can support you.

🎯  Be focused

Put your key message in ONE short phrase (3-4 words). If you would search in Google for that phrase, do you expect the answer you give in your blog post? Think about the Google snippet for your key message: Try to make an interesting, short description (max. 156 characters) and include your key phrase!
One of the factors to be successful (for the Google search), is to use your key phrase in headlines (italic) and in the text and sub-headlines of your blog post. Examples:
Software quality rating model
Visual testing of a Unity-based 3D world
Quality assurance for safety-critical vs. non-safety-critical

🥗 Quantities and amounts:

A blog post usually contains 3000 to 5000 characters. You have more content on a topic? Let’s serve it in smaller pieces (or maybe even as a series?).

🥦 Only unprocessed ingredients:

No product advertising or company advertising in the blog. But your company name can appear in your profile, of course.

🖼️ Bring your own images:

Graphics spice up your blog post, but only if you have created them yourself (if necessary, we can help you here). We create the featured image of your post so that it fits into the Coders Kitchen theme – but maybe you have a suggestion?

🤝 Cooking with friends:

If you use input from others, honor them by quoting correctly and linking to them. They’ll thank you!

🍽️ Some hints for processing your ingredients for good success:

  • Use active instead of passive voice. Address the reader directly.
  • Shorten long sentences, to make them easier to read and understand.
  • Place core statements in the heading, the first paragraph and in the summary.
  • Use subheadings to guide the reader.
  • Want more tips? Check out this link.

💡 Some tips to finding out what to write about and how to approach it:

  • Check how people search for your content on your core topic, by searching for it with Google.
  • Focus on one viewpoint or subset of your core topic. Try to be specific.
  • Enrich your post with links to other helpful resources, such as your own blog or scientific publications (but see “only unprocessed ingredients”).
  • Want to learn more about writing a search engine friendly blog post? Check out this link.

🚀 We support you, so that you are optimally perceived as an expert:

  • You get your own author page with your author profile, your own featured image and space for further details and links to other websites, blogs or social accounts.
  • We promote your articles on LinkedIn, Google and other related websites.
  • We support you on image creation.
  • We make small editorial adjustments to improve the rankings of your blog posts in search engines.

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