Niroshan Rajadurai

Niroshan brings more than 20 years of Embedded Systems experience in the design and development of safety-critical and fault-tolerant systems. In recent years, he has collaborated in the development of pioneering innovations in the field of DevOps and cyber security. This includes technologies such as change-based testing, automatic test case generation, and variant analysis.
Debugging without Security risks
Niroshan Rajadurai

Debugging without security risks

Security researcher Michael Myng found the keylogging code in software drivers that were preinstalled on HP laptops to make the keyboard work. He discovered the keylogger code during

Leftover debug code with security issues in Coderskitchen
Niroshan Rajadurai

Can debug code cause security vulnerabilities?

As software continues to eat the world, failures caused by bugs have never been more visible or higher profile. These bugs can result in delays in shipping software

Isolate verify merge_Coderskitchen
Niroshan Rajadurai

Isolate, Verify and Merge

The cost of fixing software is well understood. Much research has been done to demonstrate that fixing defects at the time of introducing them is significantly cheaper than

Reasons to adopt code coverage tools
Niroshan Rajadurai

Convincing reasons to adopt code coverage tools

Developers need to be able to analyze the “completeness” of their system testing and ensure applications aren’t released with untested code. Thanks to code coverage tools, developers have

Requirements Process development
Niroshan Rajadurai

Requirements in Agile development processes

The Standish Report tells that in 1994 ninety-one per cent (91%) of software projects failed, with thirty per cent (30%) ultimately cancelled. In 2020, 26 years later, seventy-one

Prevent quality deficit in your software
Niroshan Rajadurai

Prevent “quality deficit” in your software

What’s the software quality deficit gap? It’s the time taken to evolve a product from initial release until perceived as being of good quality. It is variable depending

Safe and secure software factory
Niroshan Rajadurai

The safe & secure software factory

“Companies that embrace the principles of Software Factory (DevOps) experience 60 times fewer failures and can deploy 30 times faster than organisations that don’t follow these principles.” State

Illuminating system integration
Niroshan Rajadurai

Illuminating system integration

System integration no matter the approach; modular, big bang, regressive, controlled or adhoc can often be one of the most critical phases of a project. This is often

How SpaceX develops software - Coderskitchen
Niroshan Rajadurai

How SpaceX develops software

SpaceX, a pioneer in commercial space transportation, most recently successfully took Astronauts to the space station with their Crew Dragon launch vehicle. SpaceX have essentially gone from a blank sheet of paper and text

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