Flavien Huynh

Flavien Huynh works as a Senior Field Application Engineer at Vector. He is in charge of assisting customers reaching efficient and relevant monitoring solutions, by way of project management, training and technical support. Originating from the research field, he wrote several articles on the topic of Software Project monitoring, and managed R&D projects with research partners.
Monitoring Software Quality Coderskitchen
Flavien Huynh

Software quality monitoring: Real use case

Let’s continue unfolding the story of software quality monitoring on a real project.In the previous post, we saw that the price of setting up a quality assessment process

chart.js quality check v3.5.0coderskitchen
Flavien Huynh

Software quality analysis: Chart.js version 3.5.0

What is it? Chart.js is part of the Front End development family.This popular JavaScript library makes data visualization work much easier and has been evolving since 2013. With

Flavien Huynh

Measuring and monitoring technical debt

The technical debt concept has been around for some time now. We can find it in international conferences, in scientific articles, books, and even here at Coders Kitchen.

Flavien Huynh

Software quality analysis: Laravel version 8.16.0

What is it? Laravel is part of the Web Framework family.Its official website describes it as “a web application framework with an expressive, elegant syntax. We believe development

Keras Quality Check V2.4.0
Flavien Huynh

Software quality analysis: Keras version 2.4.0

What is it? Keras is part of the Artificial Intelligence family. Its official website describes it as “an API designed for human beings, not machines. Keras follows best

Software Quality - are you talking to me?
Flavien Huynh

Software quality for the team: You talkin’ to me?

Software quality monitoring has many dimensions: the quality of data produce a deep landscape to explore, and passing time gives it additional meaning. But there’s something missing in

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